Hale Primary School | Butterflies Newsletter – 24th November 2017
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Butterflies Newsletter – 24th November 2017

Butterflies Newsletter – 24th November 2017

Dear Parents

We have read the conclusion of the story Pumpkin Soup and so we are now ready to make some of our own. In order to undertake the cooking we will need to write some instructions first. Year R will learn about capacity and subtraction with Year 1 continuing to learn about first, second third etc. and to use numbers to 20.

Activities to do at home could include:

  • Play with containers in the bath and describing them as full, empty and half full
  • Count how many of one container it takes to fill another
  • Look at instructions on packets of food and in recipe books. Do they have to be done in that order?
  • Talk about the taste of different foods. Use exciting and new vocabulary to describe the soup with your child. (In the story Pumpkin Soup too much salt gets added causing the soup the taste not very nice.)

Tapestry – add any comments or observations connected with your child’s use of imagination. For example, this could be using small world toys such as cars, animals or dolls or as part of role-play

Rhyme of the week –        Mud by Shirley Hughes

Words of the Week – scrumptious, delectable, flavoursome

Please remember we are appearing at the Community Tea on Tuesday 5th December, which begins at 2pm. Come along if you can.

Many thanks,

Mrs Atkinson and Mrs M


I like mud.
The slippy, sloppy, squelchy kind,
The slap-it-into-pies kind.
Stir it up in puddles,
Slither and slide.
I do like mud.