Hale Primary School | Butterflies Newsletter – 17th November 2017
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Butterflies Newsletter – 17th November 2017

Butterflies Newsletter – 17th November 2017

Dear Parents

We have begun to read the book Pumpkin Soup and have decided that we will make some of our own Pumpkin Soup. We are going to continue to read the story to find out what happens and to learn about the beautiful vocabulary in the book. Later, we shall write instructions so we know how to make the soup.

Activities you can do at home to support our learning could include:

  • Find examples of instruction at home, talk about the language that is used
  • Look at the clouds in the sky – what colour are they? Are they still or moving quickly? Do they make shapes that look like anything they know?
  • Undertake activities to develop fine motor control that will contribute towards pencil control and letter formation. (All the children are making very good progress hearing the phonemes in words – now they need to be able to write the corresponding letters).
  • Refer to a clock during different times of the day. Talk about the time they get up, have lunch, tea and go to bed. Talk about ‘This afternoon we shall…..’ or ‘tonight we will have ……for tea’.

Tapestry – add any comments about the weather, time or seasons

Rhyme of the week – Wind by Shirley Hughes

Word of the Week – blustery, gusty and fierce

Many thanks,

Mrs Atkinson and Mrs M

I like the wind
The soft, summer, gentle kind.
The gusty, blustery, fierce kind.
Ballooning out the curtains.
Blowing things about.
Wild and willful everywhere.
I do like the wind.