Hale Primary School
In The Heart of The New Forest
​Results: Summer 2016
Here is a summary of last academic year’s assessments. We are very proud of all our children and how hard they worked and all they achieved. 

Reception (each child = 10%):
80% achieved a good level of development in the EYFS in 2016. (Compared to 69% nationally) 

Phonics screening (each child = 6.7%): 
87% of children achieved the expected standard. (Compared to 80% nationally) 
KS1 (Year 2 each child = 6.7%)
73% achieved the expected standard in reading (Compared to 74% nationally) 
40% were working at a greater depth 
67% achieved the expected standard in writing (Compared to 65% nationally) 
67% achieved the expected standard in maths (Compared to 72.6% nationally) 

KS2 ( Year 6) See DfE performnace tables for comparisons - link below. 
93% achieved the expected standard in reading 
71% achieved the expected standard in writing 
86% achieved the expected standard in maths 
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:
​93% achieved the expected standard
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